Remote Sampler

Remote data capture for a Mobile Workforce


Remote Sampler is a sophisticated, secure and state of the art mobile data capture system that is highly configurable and suitable for any industry. Each sampling technician operates remotely with a handheld device linked through a central hub to a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Data collected on site is transmitted wirelessly back to the lab as soon as it is recorded.

The system improves sample data quality by reducing transcription errors while allowing existing accredited sampling procedures to be followed.

Companies across Europe are already using Remote Sampler to process thousands of samples a week.

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Extract scheduled work from a Laboratory Information Management System and assign it to user devices. Completed work can be approved without manual data entry back in a sample reception area.

Intelligent Data Capture

Automatically validate user-entered data against multiple sets of rules. Apply acceptable limits to numerical data and check for typos all at the point of entry.

Regulatory Compliance

Fully compatible with UKAS and DWI regulations. All sampling workflows are configurable to make sure your processes keep step with regulatory changes.

Ad Hoc Samples

Dynamically create and assign unscheduled samples on the fly. Samples can be built to match any existing templates your organization uses.
Provides turn-based GPS navigation to sample points, addresses or grid co-ordinates.

Barcode Scanning

Confirm arrival at sample points and collection of items by scanning attached barcodes.

Wireless Connectivity

Any number of handheld devices can be used to collect sampling data remotely. Work can be assigned, reassigned and completed without ever needing to return the device to the lab.

GPS Location Stamping

Consolidates the audit trail for each sample by recording the GPS location on collection.

Courier Support

Provide a full chain of custody for samples that are moved between sites by a dedicated courier.

Audit Trail

Every aspect of a sample’s journey from collection to the lab is recorded independently by the software and is stored and accessible in the system at any time.

User Friendly

The software is designed for use in difficult environments. All operations can be performed using a single finger tap on the device’s bright touch screen.


Use the built-in device camera to record images of key events during the sampling round.

Full Spectrum Sampling

Remote Sampler is highly configurable and can support a wide variety of scheduled sampling and ad-hoc sampling workflows.
Printed reports can be generated for any current or historical sample in the system at the click of a button. Reports contain every piece of data relevant to a given sample and are perfect for regulatory audits.

Data Archiving

All sampling data is recorded by Remote Sampler and can be accessed at any time. Remove the need to store historical paper reports for 7 years.

Data Security

All sensitive information transferred to and stored on the devices is encrypted. Access to all handheld devices is controlled by username/password logon.
The system supports a wide variety of devices for Windows, Android and iOS. Most devices are suitable as long as they have GPS functionality, phone connectivity and a camera.
The sampling workflow on the device uses a step-by-step Wizard to ensure all the required data is collected.

In the Cloud

Fully-hosted implementations of Remote Sampler are available on Amazon Web Services for high-availability, scalability and flexibility.


Enterprise installations of Remote Sampler are available. Contact us for additional details.


With existing paper-based systems, data collected in the field is written down and then copied into LIMS at a later time, often by a different person. In many cases, handwriting may be illegible, the paper sheets may become damaged or lost, or the user copying the data may make a typo. This can introduce all manner of transcription errors to the data finally recorded which obviously has a negative impact on quality as a whole. With Remote Sampler, the data is only ever entered once: by the user in the field. Data is validated against pre-configured limits and checked for typos at the time of entry. This method has been proven to improve quality with our existing customers. Also, reducing the number of people interacting directly with LIMS can often lead to a reduced number of licenses required, saving you money.

All information that passes through the Remote Sampler system is recorded independently from LIMS in our own secure data store, LabCache. This data is all accessible on demand and Remote Sampler provides a full array of reporting options that allow a user to display at a click, all information about a given sample from the point at which it was sent to a sampler, right the way through to the items and data being received by the lab and entered into LIMS. This entirely removes any painful searching through files here there and everywhere for all the various sheets associated with a sample in existing paper-based systems. Sample data recorded in LabCache includes:

  • Onsite results for things like chlorine values and temperatures
  • Changes of address or location
  • Map markers for the target and actual sample point
  • GPS co-ordinate stamps for item location and sample location
  • Sample chain of custody
  • Images taken during the sampling process
  • Signatures taken during the sampling process
  • User comments
  • Instrument calibration checks associated with the sample
  • A full audit trail

Remote Sampler features a comprehensive audit trail that records all actions that occur on each handheld device. The audit trail is independent from user control and tamper-proof allowing you to provide objective evidence at audit time for every action that occurred on site.
GPS co-ordinate stamping of user actions allows Remote Sampler to prove definitively that a sample was taken at a given location, improving traceability. New samplers can be on the job faster with the built in route-navigation software to help them find their way to customer houses and other sample points. Remote Sampler can also perform route optimization to ensure that your users are maximising their sampling time.
Lone working users can be monitored remotely to reduce the impact of incidents on the job. Address data provided to the samplers can be combined with existing lists of ‘problem sites’ and managers can be alerted to situations via email and SMS message.
New work can be sent to a sampler and completed work can be received by the lab wirelessly without the need for the sampler to return physically. This provides the lab with much better visibility of the data and it gives managers a powerful and flexible new way to manage sampler-workloads. Work can be de-assigned and reassigned in real time across the network of users to accommodate situations like a user becoming ill or a van getting a puncture.
Remote Sampler is highly configurable and can one device to handle not just the main sample collection workflow, but also any secondary processes that the users may need to perform during a day, like vehicle maintenance checks, instrument calibrations and refrigerator logs. All data collected by Remote Sampler is stored digitally and is available instantly at the click of a button. No longer will 7 years of paper need to be stored and no longer will regulatory audit time result in hours of searching through archived sheets of paper to find all the data that relates to a given sample.
An unexpected benefit has been that our existing customers have found that their samplers are viewed with greater professionalism by members of the public as a result of carrying a hand-held device when visiting customer houses.



Increase in effective sampling time


Reduction in fleet mileage


Return on Investment

*Estimated from typical use case in the UK Water Industry

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